"Of all the extraordinary gifts God has given me, I find my intuition to be of most value."





Appropriately named after Jackie O, this classy Texas girl does everything “BIG!" From her famed Swarovski Cowgirl Boots to her Luxury Saddles, Jacqi’s designs have taken the world by storm. The Queen of her own Boot-Blinging Dynasty, Jacqi is rapidly becoming recognized as a master crystal artist and designer. Earning rave reviews from USA Today, E-Online, The Huffington Post and more, her couture designs have captured the attention of Usher, Keith Urban, Nikki Minaj, and Shakira. Jacqi’s newest shimmering works of art, will be worn by Tina Brady on TNT’s new reality series The Private Lives of Nashville Wives.


From a very early age, Jacqi was fascinated with the world of sparkle. She got it honest, for her mother Lucy Kate Johnson was a true fashionista. Often styling gaudy jewelry, high heels, dramatic hair pieces and whatever else was the latest in fashion. Lucy made sure her two daughters Jacqi and Sheretta were exposed to all the things a little girl needs to become confident and successful young women.

Lucy led by example firmly instilling God, spirituality and a strong sense of self. There was constant positive reinforcement from both parents. Her father John E. Johnson came from a soulful Penecostal background. He had a strong work ethic and a strong drive for success, especially in business. Together they raised Jacqi to possess balance, inner faith, beauty, determination and strength. Jacqi now passes her mother’s advice down to her own children Heaven Grace, Harmony Faith and John Henry. Work hard, do unto others and always walk out the door looking your best, for you never know when opportunity may present itself. So whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or attending an event, Jacqi is always wearing stellar bling inside and out!


By age 14, Jacqi stood 5’9” and now possessed a style that was all her own, and she was sure her future would land her somewhere in the fashion industry. Before she graduated high school her parents convinced her to pursue a career in professional modeling. That would mean her leaving her family and the comforts of her hometown. So with faithful teachings and the support of her family, Jacqi dove in head first into a professional modeling career. Traveling and working in New York, Chicago, and Dallas. Jacqi learned hands on what the fashion industry was made of and she knew this was her calling. After 9 years of runways and photo shoots Jacqi returned to her small town roots, but not empty handed. Jacqi was now a woman very seasoned in the fashion business, and now more determined to pursue even bigger dreams.


By the late 1990’s Jacqi had a lot of planning to do, besides planning her wedding to Fred Martinez, she was also planning her career as a designer and high end boutique owner. As the plans for the boutique unfolded, Jacqi dreamed of a place where Prom Shoppers, Debutants, and Beauty Queens alike would find high end gowns and customized service in a warm small town setting. Jacqi also hoped to venture into creating Swarovski embellished apparel, jewelry, and footwear. She began to sketch her ideas and stretch the limits of her imagination, it was then that she made her first pair of Swarovski Boots. Feeling that it wasn’t the right time to reveal them, she put them on a shelf and waited for a “Higher Power” to tell her when.

After 3 years of intricate planning and research Jacqi was ready to open the boutique. With her parents' successful business experience, the style savvy of mom and her two gutsy daughters, what could go wrong? Just 2 days before construction was to begin, the family suffered an unexpected loss. Lucy Johnson age 61, died suddenly, sending Jacqi and her family into a tailspin of devastation and grief. The decision was made to put their dreams on hold in order to properly grieve and heal.


In March 2003 Jacqi and her family opened the doors to Paradise Boutique in downtown Sweetwater, Texas. Jacqi admits it was (and still is) an uphill battle, recalling only selling one prom dress during a particular prom season. But through prayer, hard work and perseverance Jacqi never gave up. 

Throughout the years the flamboyant sisters have slowly but surely earned the reputation of being Glitz Experts. Paradise Boutique is considered the glitziest lil" boutique in Texas, serving prom goers from one end of Texas to the other. The past two years Jacqi has worked with the Miss Texas Organzation and has had her work featured at the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City.


Now that Paradise Boutique was established, Jacqi decided it was time to introduce some of her extravagant crystal design ideas to her clients. So when Ann-G Chowning hired Jacqi to design her daughter Kayla’s costuming for an upcoming pageant, Jacqi debuted her dazzling works of art-The Boots! They were a huge hit! Soon Jacqi was designing costuming for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Chelsey Chaney and boots for Miss Texas, DeNae Couch.

In April 2013 Jacqi’s signature Swarovski Boots made their debut on the American Idol stage. Worn by top 5 contestant Janelle Arthur, the boots started a craze and gained worldwide attention. In May, top 10 contestant Holly Tucker lit up the stage on NBC's The Voice with a pair of Jacqi Bling’s Boots, once again her work received rave reviews. Jacqi Bling continues to express her love for extravagance and sparkle through luxury saddles, statement jewelry and belts, custom apparel and of course- her BOOTS!